Friday, June 17, 2005

Mac OS X on a Dell?

Here I am waiting to run Mac OS X on my Laptop, and Steve Jobs is saying no.... He don't gedddit? Probably, he wants to retain a monopoly on his Apples and does not want them to be shared!

Or may be he did not get it after all. A company can be a software company or a hardware company, but not everything. There are so many who tried to be everything and have not been very successful, IBM, Sun, HP... And Apple itself once upon a time...

It is time to choose Mr. Jobs.

Using CVS

I had some painful experience with CVS, or rather WinCVS to be very precise. Somehow, I found the guide and the way it works, too Geeky ( Now I have stopped considering myself a geek, especially after using WinCVS).

Finally, I found a tool that was easy to work with. And it is also a freeware... TortoiseCVS. It is a cool tool, makes it easy to use. Best of it was, I could make my team motivate and use CVS (they dreaded using WinCVS.) Check it out here .

Monday, June 13, 2005

Microsoft Acrylic Technology Preview - Home

Do you wish to see what Microsoft calls as Acrylic. It is available for download at Microsoft Acrylic Technology Preview - Home.

It requires a WinXP to run.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

B2B Gateway and ESB

Whilepaper on B2B gateway and ESB from CapeClear gives some insights.

ESB and SOA Technology

There is an interesting take on what is ESB from Cape Clear.

Have a dekko...
ESB and SOA Technology

Cast Iron Systems - Inventors of the Application Router™

Those of you, who are looking for an Integration Tool, should be interested in Cast Iron. It is not a tool, but rather an appliance.

It is a compact Integration Device with capability to do communication, transformation, delivery of the data from one interface to another.

Have a look.

Cast Iron Systems - Inventors of the Application Router™

MacOS on x86

Now it is official. Apple will use Intel Processors for Mac. It would mean that MacOS will run on Intel x86? Almost.

There is already a Darwin available for download (no support, can crash anytime) to run on x86.

Would MacOS run on my Dell Laptop? Can not wait much longer to findout... Apple chose Intel. What's Jobs really after ? - Softpedia News

Darwin - Open Source

Want to run MacOS on your desktop?

Well get Darwin to start with....

Darwin - Open Source

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


ITIL provides process documents to IT management. More of a best practice per se.