Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HP and Buying spree and some more companies HP should buy

HP has been on buying/shopping spree.
After buying EDS, it has taken in 3com (who owned Palm for a while), and Palm. There has been rumors that may do a counter bid for Sybase. But there are other companies that it should consider.

  • Redhat / Jboss - it will give HP an App server that is popular in opensource world.
    • There are other alternatives that it should consider - such as Pramati
  • Citrix -  Citrix with its acquisition XEN may provide right punch to counter EMC/VMware (there are other intellectual properties such as spring that still need some thinking - such as JBoss)
  • Novell - With its Linux, Netware legacy, Mono  and other assets and a partnership with Microsoft in terms of patent sharing.. it may provide right set of tools to compete in the OS world... 

It may appear that one company may not provide everything it needs and it may need to acquire more than one...