Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How to configure X-Lite for GizmoProject

if you do not want to install GizmoProject's client, you can use other generic VOIP Client too. e.g. X-Lite.

Here are the settings verbatim from them:

SIP account Information
Display Name: (Display name that you may like to use - say Gizmo - your name)
User Name: (found in your Gizmo Project profile)
Password: (exactly as typed in Gizmo Project)
Authorization User Name: (found in your Gizmo Project profile)
SIP Domain:
For Domain Proxy, you can select options as defined on the screen right now.

SIP Address:

At this time, SIP Domain and SIP Address reflect same server.

1 comment:

yousaf said...

It doesnt seem to work. xlite tries to register but ends up giving a timeout error. If you could post an image with the fields filled in that might help me out.