Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Tree at

From Microsoft's Family.Show's discussion boards, I discovered, a Flash based online family networking site. It allows you to build your family tree in a collaborative way (that is to invite family members, and let them make addition and modification to the tree). It is a great site, with a simple (if not so good as UI.

Have a look here.



I have now a tree that includes a total of 500 people (not directly linked to me) included on the tree.

There are some security concerns about the site that I am going to discuss in future posts.


The Geni Team said...

Great to hear you've discovered Geni and that your tree is growing. I have left my email address as I'd like to discuss your security concerns to see that your they are addressed (plus feedback from you and our users is welcome and encouraged as most of the enhancements we've made to our site have come from user suggestions).

Chirag S said...

I used Geni to grow my family to over 500 entries - now Geni does not let me add more members to the tree. Not just me - it does not let anyone on the tree to add more members effectively stopping use of Geni by family completely.