Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oracle XPI Issues

For some people who do not know what is XPI or WSG, here is a primer:

Long time ago, J D Edwards tied up with a company called as ActiveWorks for providing Integration Tool for their ERP. This tool was called as J D Edwards XPI - an OEM product from ActiveWorks for J D Edwards.

Later, ActiveWorks was purchased by webMethods and the relationship between J D Edwards and webMethods continued.

Soon after, J D Edwards was purchased by PeopleSoft. The relationship continued. The tool was renamed to PeopleSoft Enterprise XPI.

In the aftermath of Oracle's acquisition of PeopleSoft, the tool came to Oracle fold. It took Oracle few years to build a technology to integrate with J D Edwards, as a result, Oracle had to continue providing a lifeline to XPI. Only change it could do was that, it renamed the tool to PeopleSoft Enterprise Web Service Gateway (WSG) and would provide limited support (no patches are issued, only suggestion to what can be done provided).

Now, webMethods has become part of Software AG. Adding more complications in the MIX.

Oracle is almost ready with components that can be used as part of Integration - so called - Oracle Fusion.

Latest version of XPI/WSG is 6.1. This is based on webMethods's Integration Server 6.1 platform. The webMethods Integration Server platform has advanced. There are service packs and 100's of patches for the bugs that existed in the product. But none of them are available thru Oracle.

So if you are using XPI for developing integration for your J D Edwards, you are out of luck.

What you should do?

  1. If you have already invested in developing a solution around XPI, best thing would be to go with a regular webMethods license. That way you would have access to latest patches and service packs from them. On a flip side, you will spend money on integration license.
  2. If you are starting to develop an integration with J D Edwards, look to Oracle Fusion. That is what Oracle wants you to use and will continue to enhance. It is still like getting a beta software and you will have a roller coaster ride, but that's what Integration is supposed to be. Isn't it?

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