Wednesday, December 05, 2007

unlocking Netgear WGR614

I have a Netgear WGR614 v3 router.

Here is how the router looks from inside:

I found from Seattle Wireless and other sites that the router has possibility of accessing it via telnet. So I ventured around. First thing to do was to find TelnetEnable tool that is described on the net. I searched for telnetenable.exe and found it.
My copy of telnetenable has following information:

Version:2.1, 2003/10/17
Here is what I had to do:
Execute following:
TelnetEnable [Router IP Address] [Router Mac Address]Gearguy Geardog
To get [Router IP Address], I executed ipconfig and picked up my gateway IP address. Since I was connected to the router using one of the lan port, it was easy.
To get router's mac address, I found two methods.
One: run arp -a command. This lists all the IPs that have been known to your PC and their mac address. The mac address is printed in the form of AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF. You need to remove all the additional characters and write the Mac Address as AABBCCDDEEFF.
Two: The mac address was on a sticker just on the back of my router. That was easy.
Gearguy and Geardog are the login ID and passwords for the telnet console for this router.
If the command executes quickly and ends without any error, that means the router was unlocked. But if it does not, or returns some sort of error, then it would mean it did not work.
More to follow in next post.

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