Thursday, January 31, 2008

GrandCentral, Jott, Ribbit, Gmail, Gtalk (and everything else from Google)

I wish these three companies would merge. yes, I know that GrandCentral is already acquired by Google. But there are reasons.

  1. GrandCentral is one number for everything. But it is also a place that keeps track of who called you, whom you called (if you called thru Grand Central). It also keeps track of my voice mails.
  2. Combine that with Gtalk. Well, that is easy. Ability to call a number or receive a phone call on Gtalk will just be amazing. (Not that you can not do today using other 3rd party tools that work with Gtalk).
  3. Combine that with Gmail. All my emails, voice mails, contacts and phone numbers in one place.  One consolidated journal for everything.
  4. Jott. Yeh... that is the one I can use to dictate my voice mails and emails and other things. B.t.w. it is already having option to integrate with Google Calendar.
  5. Ribbit- this is not out of Alpha yet. but it promises to combine feature of many.. e.g. it can transcribe (imagine voice mails going to grand central, jott converting it to a text and sending it to gmail - yeh all of that).


What do you think?

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