Thursday, November 12, 2009

Google gets Gizmo5, What next?

Google Voice Blog: Google welcomes Gizmo5

Finally, Google announced that they have acquired Gizmo5.


I already had my Google Voice number being forwarded to Gizmo5, ringing on a home phone. Can I now say, that Gizmo5 will now offer Free outbound calling thru Google Voice?

What about acquiring The company that built the technology to transfer the voip calls to GTalk and back? That would cover entire gamut of technology needed to work.

Will Gizmo client have to merge into Gtalk client and with that will it continue to support MSN and SKYPE etc? I hated Gizmo5 client so much, due to its intrusive code and it was really heavy.. I hope Google steers clear of much of its crap.

It will be interesting to see... how some of this actually even makes into Android... .. Think of a Wifi based android phone that works with Google Voice Service instead of a regular carrier.


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