Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RIP Dash Express ?

I wonder if Dash Express has any future now? The company has already announced that it is quitting the hardware market. Now they want to sustain themselves as a platform provider. Only companies that want to make GPS and are not on a viable platform will find Dash attractive. Even the companies with established platforms such as Garmin, and Tomtom will find it tough to survive in Post Google Navigate market.

Dash may want to sell out itself to Nokia, or Google and/or port its platform to Maemo or Android. Since both of these are running on Linux, it should not be a totally difficult task. There are other options such as Openmoko and Palm, but in terms of funding Nokia and Google may be able to get the platform needed lift and merge it with their existing offering.

Dash can become a "Google Dashboard" on a car, just like Android trying to become the preferred Phone OS.

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