Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ActiveState Komodo Edit

Recently I got hold of ActiveState Komodo Edit 4.2, an open source(rather open sourced) editor. It uses components from Mozilla's framework and has a neat look.


I intended to use it with XML and HTML files. It has good editing features, but misses few things to be used as an XML Editor.

  • It does not have a way to indent an existing file. It can indent the file while it is being created. Probably needs a plug-in to be developed to take an existing document and generate indented XML.
  • You can create and edit the file in intended mode, and it offers it to be viewed as tree. But if the file was not intended, you can not view it as tree, which can be easily brought over from Mozilla.

1 comment:

troytop said...

There's a Komodo macro on the ActiveState Community site which runs the current HTML or XML file through tidy.

With the XML indented properly, the code folding (I think that's what you mean by 'viewed as a tree') should work.