Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pixel QI

Mary Lou Jepsen, who was CTO of OLPC, has started a company called as Pixel Qi, which will commercialize technology created that lets users switch from color to black-and-white when it is in direct sun.

Her idea is to commercialize technology, increase its penetration, and there by introduce comparative advantage, reduce price, everybody gets a better deal overall.

A very good idea indeed.
I wish OLPC Foundation would think that too. If they were to sell OLPC for say about 250$ in open market, I am sure there will be a lot of people to buy it. They would make little money and increased sale, would allow them to increase production, as well as drive down the cost.

If I get a chance to buy OLPC in 2008 for 250$, I would buy one, just to use it as a portable book reader. I am sure one with built in Wifi, crackable battery would allow one to read anything anywhere, as long as it is available on the net or on the disk.

OLPC, Are you listening?

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